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Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd

Charlestown, NH
Report for the Northeast Anglican
December 2013

The Fall season has been a busy one for the parish of the Good Shepherd as we prepared for the coming winter. First on the agenda were a number of long anticipated renovations to the fabric of the church and parish hall. These included the installation of a porch roof on the rear of the building to keep snow and water off the deck and to replace two door frames on the rear of the building that had deteriorated over the years. We also replaced a facia board on the front of the parish hall and painted the wooden pediment on the front of our 1824 federal-style brick building. Inside the church, we had a sink and piscina installed in the sacristy for the benefit of the altar guild. Additional King Alfred daffodils were planted in the churchyard.

Phil Turner (l.) dressed as a mid-18th century gentleman and Fr. Art Bennett (r.) at the Fort at No., 4 in Charlestown. Phil read the weekly Sunday Morning Prayer service while Fr. David Moody was acting as supply clergy for Fr. Art in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.In late September, Fr. David served as supply to Christ Church Anglican in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and could not conduct the Sunday Morning Prayer service at Fort at No. 4 in Charlestown. Fr. Art Bennett kindly outfitted Phil Turner as an mid-18th century gentleman, and Phil read the Morning Prayer service that Sunday.


In early October, Fr. David, Jeanne Moody, and Aare Ilves attended the Diocesan Synod in Mystic, Connecticut. The Moody's left the synod before the banquet. Big mistake!

Bishop Marsh presents Jeanne Moody with the Walter D. Kilian Medal "for dedicated service to God's Church" during Sunday services, October 6, 2013.

On Sunday at Good Shepherd, Bishop Marsh presented Jeanne with the Walter D. Kilian Medal for service to the church over the last decade as vestry member, delegate to diocesan and national synods, member of the national church Executive Council, and indexer of church canons. She also assisted in the planning of a number of meetings for the church. As her husband can attest, the presentation was a happy surprise.









Group picture of the annual ecumenical Charlestown Harvest Walk in front of the Congregational Church parsonage on October 13, 2013. A total of 54 walkers raised $3, 216 for the Fall Mountain Food Shelf.Later in the month Aare Ilves, Fr. David, and Dee Blanchard and her dog Midnight participated in the annual Charlestown Harvest Walk to raise funds for the Fall Mountain Food Shelf.


Gary Freeman, Aare Ilves, Jeanne Moody, and Scot Chase at the Good Shepherd parish retreat at the Weston Priory, Weston, Vermont on October 19, 2013.

On the subsequent Saturday, five of us attended a one-day parish retreat at the Weston Priory in Weston, Vermont. It was a beautiful day and provided a spiritually fulfilling respite from the busy world. We hope this will become a tradition.







Advent blessings to all our friends in the diocese and beyond during this holy season of the church year.

Submitted by The Rev. David W. Moody